Your Candidates Need You

We need to do all we can to support our candidates.   There are several ways you can help.  Contact us at [email protected] and let us know how you would like to pitch in

Lawn signs.  We have lawn signs for almost all of the candidates running in our district.  Installing a sign in your yard will boost name recognition and demonstrate support.  We encourage you to install at least one, even if you live on a quiet street.  They generally come in two sizes:  small (18” x 24”) or medium (2’ x 4’), so let us know what size you would prefer.  If you can’t install them yourself, contact us and we will install them for you.  If you have a friend or neighbor who lives in a high visibility location, ask them if they will take signs to support Republican candidates.  SIGN UP HERE and list which candidate signs you would like.

Lawn sign installation.  Local and state candidates need help in getting their signs installed.  Dario Anselmo volunteers started installing his 275 signs this past weekend.  We will show you what it takes to install a sign to keep it looking sharp.  And we will team you up with an experienced installer if you this is your first time.  SIGN UP HERE.

State Fair booth staffing.  Several of the candidates for state office are seeking volunteers for shifts at their booths at the State Fair.  Click on the following candidates:




Alternatively, Jim Newberger is looking for some great supporters to wear a Newberger shirt at the fair AND promote Jim at the MNGOP booth for at least 2 hours. You pick the hours. Anytime from 10 am - 8 pm daily.  Contact Connie Thorp ([email protected]) for scheduling and details.  

Parade marching.  Several communities are hosting parades in September in which you can march.  These are great family activities that really show enthusiasm for our party and our candidates.  Click on the links below for more information and to volunteer

Saturday, September 8 in Osseo – Erik Paulsen [[email protected]]

Saturday, September 8 in Burnsville – Pam Myhra [[email protected]]

Saturday, September 15 in Bloomington Senate Districts 49 & 50.  

Saturday, September 15 in Dayton– Erik Paulsen [[email protected]]

Saturday, September 22 in Plymouth– Erik Paulsen [[email protected]]

Door knocking.  We will continue to canvas our neighborhoods, contacting voters to inform them about our candidates and of early voting opportunities.  We are willing to partner new volunteers with experienced canvassers, using smartphone applications that make door-knocking much more efficient.  SIGN UP HERE.

Literature dropping.  We will organize a team effort to distribute campaign literature about our candidates and sample ballots in mid-to-late September.  It will involve a fair amount of walking, but no door-knocking.  SIGN UP HERE.

Get Out the Vote calls.  Both Jeff Johnson and Erik Paulsen have Victory Centers where volunteers can make calls to inform and influence potential voters.  Both offer opportunities to call from their offices or from the comfort of your home. 

Jeff Johnson’s Victory Center – 1710 Douglas Dr. N, Suite 111, Golden Valley, MN.  Contact [email protected]

Erik Paulsen's Campaign Office - 250 Prairie Center Dr., Eden Prairie, MN.  Wednesdays, 6-8 pm  CLICK HERE .    

Contribute.  Money is important to any campaign.  It is also valued by Senate District 49.  Please consider donating to our work as described above.  CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE