Mike Lehmann brings Needed Perspective to State Senate

Mike Lehmann’s years of experience have given him perspective and knowledge of how to get things done that would be greatly beneficial in the State Senate. Mike_Lehmann.JPG

Here’s what Mike stands for:


Mike Lehmann is a fiscal conservative who believes in responsible spending.  He feels the State has an adequate income stream and should focus on spending more effectively. 

Mike also believes in zero based budgeting. He feels that governments rarely follow-up to review the results of the programs that are implemented.  He would work to implement program audits on a rotating basis.  He would also insist that new programs be linked to expected results, results that can be measured.  Laws should include sunset provisions so that rules and regulations are revisited after a reasonable period of time to ensure they are still required, in whole or in part.

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Mike Lehmann Would Bring Business Leadership to the State Senate

Mike_Lehmann_for_Interview.jpgMike Lehmann was born in Minneapolis, raised in Edina and has now lived in Bloomington for over 36 years.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota and has been married to his wife, Sue, for 46 years.  They have two grown sons and one grandson.

After graduation, Mike worked for an ordnance firm and a computer company before starting out on his own where he was involved with the founding of five (5) new companies.  For the past twenty-four years, Mike has been with Ferguson Enterprises, Inc -- a national wholesaler of plumbing, heating, industrial, water-works, fire & building products, and other interests.

During his time with Ferguson, Mike was involved with purchasing management, inventory control, branch management, and facility development. During the last 10 years, his work in facility development for Ferguson spanned almost 400 locations in the central U.S. (covered 20 Sates) -- including lease renewals, real estate searches, demographic research, financial projections and justification, operational efficiencies, and capital expenditures. He rose to become General Manager/President for the operations in the greater Twin Cities area. Mike retired in January 2016.

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