Mike Lehmann brings Needed Perspective to State Senate

Mike Lehmann’s years of experience have given him perspective and knowledge of how to get things done that would be greatly beneficial in the State Senate. Mike_Lehmann.JPG

Here’s what Mike stands for:


Mike Lehmann is a fiscal conservative who believes in responsible spending.  He feels the State has an adequate income stream and should focus on spending more effectively. 

Mike also believes in zero based budgeting. He feels that governments rarely follow-up to review the results of the programs that are implemented.  He would work to implement program audits on a rotating basis.  He would also insist that new programs be linked to expected results, results that can be measured.  Laws should include sunset provisions so that rules and regulations are revisited after a reasonable period of time to ensure they are still required, in whole or in part.

Mike Lehmann believes that government organizations and programs that are failing and not meeting their needs must be turned around or eliminated.  Government managers need to be held accountable.  Whistleblowers need to have basic protections and benefits for revealing shortcomings, consistent poor performance, or unethical behavior.  Government employees who uncover wasteful spending and save taxpayer dollars should be rewarded.

Mike Lehmann holds that there are critical roles that only government can meet, such as providing high quality and effective educational opportunities for all along with building and maintaining a strong transportation infrastructure. Mike believes we need to develop a multi-modal transportation system that will meet our current and future needs in a cost-efficient manner.  Providing strong police and fire protection  for our citizens is also critical.

Veteran advocacy is an area Mike holds near and dear to his heart.  His father was a WWII veteran – serving as a paratrooper in the Army.  Mike has many relatives and friends who have served or are serving in the military.  All have put their lives on the line to protect our great nation.  Mike believes we owe our veterans and active service personnel nothing but the best care and opportunities.  He will work hard to implement and favor legislation that achieves this goal.

Lastly, Mike will advocate for campaign finance reform – believing we spend far too much money and time on campaigns.

Mike Lehmann sought the endorsement of the Republican Party as a candidate for Minnesota Senate so that together we can implement sound fiscal principles, promote a healthy business environment, and establish effective education practices. 

His endorsement was approved by unanimous acclamation.