Resources to help you get more out of Caucus 2024.  See you on Tuesday, February 27th! 


Absentee Delegate Form

Can't make it to Caucus? If you would like to be considered for position of delegate or alternate to your BPOU, fill out this form and send it back to [email protected].

Absentee Delegate Form


Our Party Platform is intended to be the guide from which our elected Republican officials legislate.  Caucus provides an opportunity for us to submit resolutions to change, improve or delete items in our current platform.

MNGOP Platform

If after reading the platform you would like to submit a resolution fill out form, print and bring it with you to caucus.

Resolution Form

Convener Documents

Caucus Convener Script

Caucus Convener Handbook

Convener Packet list of contents

Secretary Documents 

Secretary Responsibilities

Caucus Precinct Minutes

Volunteer Opportunities

Other Important Documents

Political Contribution Refund information

MNGOP Bylaws 

MNGOP Bylaws excerpt