Congressional District Conventions This Week

This week, eight Congressional District (CD) Republican conventions will individually meet for the purpose of endorsing Republican candidates for US Congress.

State_Central.jpgThe CD delegates and seated alternates who were elected from each Senate District will hold teleconference sessions similar to the SD49 convention, with the addition of video and robust voting technology. However, as communicated to the elected CD delegates/alternates at the SD conventions and in writing with the CD convention Call documents, registration deadlines 72-hours in advance of each convention were required to permit setup time for validated voting with the technology.

Each CD Convention will also elect three delegates and three alternates to the Republican National Convention which be held in August. Finally, each CD will elect one Elector who will represent Republicans in the 2020 Electoral College vote if President Trump wins a majority of that district’s November 3 popular vote.

Candidates seeking to be endorsed or elected in Congressional District 3, and also some for CD5, can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. We’ve requested but not yet received all the CD5 candidates for the list, but will update it when additional information is available.

Senate District 49’s Barb Sutter, the MNGOP Secretary, is one of 10 candidates running for Delegate to the National Convention in Congressional District 3.

Others who have publicized their National Delegate candidacies include CD3 Chair Patti Meier, Trump activist Sheri Auclair, Trump activist / TrumpWomen2020 founder Mary Susan Timion, medical-technology entrepreneur and political activist John Alexander, Young Republican activist Amy Stretcher Burkes and the MNGOP Finance Chair from SD33, Jennifer Larson.

Two practice sessions were held to help Delegates and 1st Alternatives get familiar with their own technical setups, the meeting software, and the voting process. The process does require some skill with copy/paste for initial logins and also good techniques for navigating/switching between 2 browser windows during the convention, or even using 2 computers/devices. Those who did not attend a practice session are strongly encouraged to closely review the how-to document (and watch the test video if posted) at the MNGOP Action Center and take the steps listed for testing your technology. It may also be helpful to reach out before the convention to a fellow Delegate who did attend a practice session.