2020 Convention Rules

1. RULES OF ORDER Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall be the parliamentary authority on all points not covered by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Republican Party of Minnesota, the statues of the State of Minnesota, any special rules of order the party may adopt, as well as the official call of this convention and the rules adopted by this convention.

2. ORDER OF BUSINESS The order of business for this convention shall be as specified in the Convention Agenda or by the discretion of the Convention Chairperson. The Convention Chairperson, at his or her discretion, can change the order to the Convention Agenda in order to meet time constraints. A motion to adjourn the convention shall be debatable until all items on the agenda have been addressed on the convention floor excluding agenda item titled other business.


a. The permanent voting roll of this convention shall be composed of the delegates elected February 25th, 2020 at the precinct caucuses to this BPOU Convention. Only those delegates and properly seated alternates are eligible to be seated which allows them the privilege to vote and speak on business before the convention. If a duly elected delegate or alternate is not properly registered then they shall not be allowed to be seated at the convention. To be properly registered the registration must have been received 24 hours in advance of the convention by the Republican Party of Minnesota whether sent online or via the USPS mail.

b. Following the preliminary Credential Report and in the absence of any duly elected delegate, a duly elected alternate shall be seated according to rank in the precinct or by vote of the precinct’s delegation if no rank is known.

c. Cross seating of alternates will not be allowed.

d. No unregistered delegate or alternate may be seated at any time during the convention.

e. Once a delegate or a seated alternate has registered for the convention, they remain part of the voting strength of the convention even if they leave the convention prior to the convention's official adjournment.

f. Seating of alternates after the preliminary Credential Report shall be the duty of the chairperson or their designee.


a. A quorum shall consist of ten percent (10%) of the total number of delegates elected at the February 25th, 2020 precinct caucuses.

b. Once a quorum has been established, the call for a quorum thereafter shall be out of order.


a. The vote on all questions shall be considered a rising vote by voting yea or nay.

b. Items without objection can be passed by unanimous consent.

c. The convention may decide by a two-thirds vote to endorse by a rising vote for any office for which there is only one candidate, without opposition. Any other endorsement is to be ruled out of order.

d. There shall be no voting by proxy or unit rule.

e. The Convention Chairperson and the Chief Teller will decide any voting dispute and they may request a new vote.

f. Only persons who are delegates or seated alternates to this convention shall be permitted to vote.

g. The convention Chairperson shall appoint a Chief Teller to assist in counting votes and adjudicating disputes.

h. Voting will proceed until the Chairperson rules balloting closed.

i. Valid ballots shall be those cast for any names put forth by the Search/Nominations committee.

6. DEBATE a. Debate on any general issue or motion shall be limited to one (1) minute by each speaker. No person shall be allowed to speak more than once on the same question and the total debate is limited to a maximum of six (6) minutes. The chairperson will call on Pro and Con speakers alternately. If no opposing speaker rises the debate will end.


a. The convention Chairperson at any time may invite any office holder or distinguished guest to address the convention for a period not the exceed three (3) minutes, with the exception of state and federal office holders representing all or part of this BPOU, which shall be limited to seven (7) minutes.
b. The Chair shall appoint a Timekeeper for the purpose of timing discussions, debates, and speeches during the meeting. Time limits shall be strictly observed.

8. AMENDMENT OR SUSPENSION a. After adoption of these rules, they may be suspended or amended only by a 2/3 affirmation vote of the convention.

a. The Resolutions Committee shall present proposed amendments to the Minnesota Republican Party Platform to the convention for consideration based on resolutions passed by the precinct caucuses on February 25th, 2020
b. No proposed amendments to the party platform or amendments to the Resolutions Committee report shall be considered on the floor.
c. Only a vote of yea or nay to accept the Resolutions Committee report will be in order.

a. Nominations shall be those reported out by the Search/Nominations committee, having met the requirements of the convention call.
b. If a passed Search/Nominations committee report contains equal or less than the allotment for delegates and equal or less than the allotment for alternates then no further balloting is required.
c. Nominations shall be for Delegates to both Congressional District and State and shall be voted for on one ballot, unless otherwise defined by the Search/Nominations committee.
d. Candidates shall be given thirty (30) seconds to address the convention during the election process, if an election is required.
e. A tie may be broken by drawing of lots or other random methods.
f. A ballot for Delegates to Congressional District and State containing more votes than the number of allotted delegates will be considered spoiled. The top vote getters up to the number of allotted delegates will be elected as Delegates to Congressional District and State. Candidates not elected as delegates will be elected as alternates, ranked according to the number of votes received, up to double the number of allotted delegates.

a. A motion to endorse is only in order if it is an uncontested endorsement and was listed on the convention call.
b. If the motion to endorse is made in order then it must pass with a majority vote.
c. The Search/Nominations Committee will meet prior to the convention to meet with candidates wishing to be endorsed. A candidate must be willing to run as a Republican in order to be recommended a Republican candidate.
d. Candidates for endorsement will be placed into nomination by the Search/Nominations Committee.
f. Nominating speeches, seconding speeches and the candidate speech combined cannot exceed seven (7) minutes.
g. Only those delegates and seated alternates in the applicable precincts will be allowed to vote on endorsement questions.
h. The endorsement shall only be voted on in compliance with rule 5 c.

12. Decorum
a. The Chairperson may use a mute function to avoid background noises and disruptions so long as a method for individuals to be recognized is provided.
b. A participant to the convention must not disrupt order and decorum, and may be removed or muted for repeated interruptions that are out of order nor germane to the agenda.