2020 SD49 GOP Convention Agenda

April 18, 2020
Registration Deadline 24 Hours Before Convention
Meeting at 3:00PM

Remote Convention being conducted by Zoom


I. Call to Order -- Louis Tiggas

II. Pledge of Allegiance -- Russ Burnison

III. Invocation -- Joel Quinnell

Technical Overview & Voting Instructions -- Andy Aplikowski

IV. Reading of the Convention Call -- Russ Burnison

V. Greetings/Announcements from the Chairs -- Russ Burnison

VI. Election of Temporary Chair and Temporary Secretary -- Russ Burnison

            Speakers -- Louis Tiggas

VII. Preliminary Credentials Report -- Andy Aplikowski

VIII. Adopt portion of the rules allowing the seating of alternates -- Louis Tiggas

IX. Seat alternates -- Louis Tiggas

X. Motion to make the temporary organization permanent -- Louis Tiggas

XI. Motion authorizing the chair to appoint -- Louis Tiggas

     a. parliamentarian (Vince Riehm),
     b. credentials committee (Sarah Patzloff/Andy Aplikowski),
     c. rules committee (Vince Riehm),
     d. Candidate Search Committee (John Metil),
     e. Delegate Nominating Committee (Randy Sutter),
     f. Resolutions Committee (Wayne Wenger),
     g. head teller (Andy Aplikowksi),
     h. time keeper (Andy Aplikowski)

XII. Rules Committee Report -- Vince Riehm

XIII. Updated Credentials Report -- Andy Aplikowski

XIV. Delegate Nominating Committee Report -- Randy Sutter

XV. Voting of CD & State Convention Delegates/Alternates -- Louis Tiggas

XVI. Endorsement of non-contested candidates -- Louis Tiggas

XVII. Resolutions Report -- Wayne Wenger

XVIII. Other Business -- Louis Tiggas

XIX. Adjournment -- Louis Tiggas

             Remarks by Candidates will be inserted at the discretion of the Convention Chair.