Yes, You CAN Be Fired for Political Activity, Even Outside of Work

Justice_Cartoon_Lifting_Blindfold_for_Peek.jpgRecent news featured a workplace dispute at a St. Cloud law firm that resulted in the firing of several people.  Articles paraphrased a firm member contending that “it’s illegal to fire someone for their political beliefs.”

Unfortunately, not true.

As we reported here in 2016 and reconfirmed just this week with the Upper Midwest Law Center, Minnesota’s protections for political activity / beliefs only apply for public employees. If you work anywhere in the private sector, you CAN be dismissed for any or no reason. This may include your political activity or stated policy positions, even if the activity is not during work hours or the stated position is not voiced at your workplace.

For this reason, SD49 does not publish volunteer or attendee lists and allows people who write for our Newsletter and website to remain anonymous if they request it.

We welcome participation at events and volunteer efforts by Republicans of all ages. And we remain keenly aware that in MN publicizing your Republican affiliation can affect employment.