Yard Sign Days - No Limits - Now Through November

All_the_signs_photo_credit_John_Alexander.jpgIt's OK now to put up ALL the candidate yard signs – no limits. And leave them until shortly after the November election, although you'll probably rotate them as you rake leaves this fall.

Per the MN Secretary of State website, state law regarding political campaign signs overrides local sign ordinances.  Local laws that otherwise limit the number of signs or how long they may be up cannot be enforced for a designated time during even-numbered years.

Resized_YardSignDay_photo_credit_David_Pasco.jpgWe distributed all the signs we had on-hand at our last several SD49 events, and don’t yet know whether we’ll have more by the Oct 23 dinner meeting. So if you still need an endorsed-candidate yard sign (or a few), please contact the candidate’s campaign - we’ve listed their websites HERE  - and be prepared to go to a local campaign office to pick them up.

photo credits: 6 signs John Alexander, 3 signs David Pasco