What News Would You Like to See in 2017?

Kicking Off the Senate District 49 Republicans Newsletter in 2017

newsletter-clip-art-free-108044.jpgWe worked hard on the newsletter in 2016.  We pushed to publish an email newsletter every week, with articles about current state and local issues.  These were issues that should be understood and dealt with by our local representatives.  Many of these representatives were running for election, so we asked them their positions on the issues. 

It is our opinion that the major metropolitan newspapers do not investigate local issues or challenge local government representatives on the reasoning behind the decisions that they have made.   Local community papers, stretching to cover all news, have limited resources for exploring issues in-depth.  We believe it is important that we bring these issues to your attention in a fair and reasonable manner, with relevant information that you otherwise would not be seeing. 

We also consider it important to identify and track the priority State legislative actions that our House and Senate should be addressing this session.  As a state, we are facing significant problems. We’ll focus on how legislative actions they support are (or are not) effective in addressing those problems. Four areas we plan to highlight in 2017: 1) MNSure individual marketplace plans & costs; 2) Underperforming education / school outcomes; 3) Returning excessive taxes (surplus) to taxpayers; 4) Transportation spending and infrastructure improvements.

And finally, we work to connect you with other Republicans in our communities by notifying you of dinner meetings, events, conventions, caucuses and SD49 GOP organization volunteer opportunities, as well as opportunities to support GOP-endorsed candidates.

We would appreciate your feedback on the job we’re doing. 

  • Are we talking about what you think we should be covering? 
  • We plan to publish every two weeks in 2017, with separate single-topic meeting/event notices as needed.  Should we instead continue to publish once a week, or would a scale back to monthly be better? 

  • Do we keep you adequately informed about what is going on in our Senate District?

  • Would you like to see us create more YouTube videos to summarize what we’re covering in the newsletter?

  • Would you be willing to volunteer to research, write for, and/or format  the newsletter? Would you like to help with our Facebook or Twitter communications?

  • Would you be willing to contribute financially to SD49, to keep the website and email capability for the newsletter going? If so, please click the DONATE button here or at the website.

As the organizers of this newsletter, we value your comments and ideas.  Please feel free to contact us at  [email protected]

We wish you a very exciting and positive new year!                                                                                    

Randy Sutter, SD49 Co-Chair and Acting Communications Chair

Carol Brumwell, Newsletter Volunteer Editor