Voting Proposal Highlights Need for GOP Election Judges

Vote_ballot_box_cube.jpgSecretary of State Steve Simon’s proposal to automatically send out mail-in ballots to registered voters also implies a greater reliance on “election administrators” to process the votes (see previous article).

The promotion of election administrators (likely city clerks and their staffs) over election judges is troubling. As Andy Cilek, Executive Director of the Minnesota Voters Alliance, has written,

“Election judges are the backbone of our election system. They are responsible for such things as administering voting procedures, ensuring fair elections, and accepting and rejecting absentee ballots… Election judges are paid officials who staff local polling places, absentee ballot boards, and all early voting venues, to ensure that the ballots and rights of voters are protected.”

It is more important than ever for Republicans to become election judges. Simon partially justifies his moves on a concern that many election judges are older, more vulnerable to the coronavirus, and more likely to stay home rather than serving. If we care about election integrity, we need to step-up, get trained, and show up on Election Day.

To sign up through the Republican Party of Minnesota, CLICK HERE. The state party must turn in its list of election judges by May 1, so sign up today!