Volunteer Now to Help Local Candidates

Volunteers_for_Candidates.jpgThe candidates running this year for Bloomington City Council and for School Board need your help!

There are several outstanding candidates who want to make a difference in the governance of Bloomington and its school system.  Respecting the nonpartisan nature of these races, they have not sought our endorsement.  However, we have highlighted several of them on our website.  We encourage your individual support with your time and/or your contributions.

If you would like to help one or more of these municipal candidates, they need people willing to stuff literature bags starting this week.  Work can be done as a group or individually at home.  Volunteers will also be needed to get out and distribute the bags in Bloomington neighborhoods.  Please contact Michael Barg at (952) 210-3810 or [email protected] for more details. 

Early voting is already underway.  These candidates are working hard, but they cannot do it all by themselves.  Show them that you appreciate what they’re doing and want to help.