Violent Protesters at Aug 19 Fundraiser Require Mayor Response

As published by The Hill, disturbing video of violent protesters at the August 19 Minneapolis Convention Center Fundraiser for Donald Trump contradicts the bland weekend report of the event published by the Star Tribune.

The Republican Party of Minnesota on 8/22 demanded a response from Democrat Chairman Ken Martin and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges regarding the physical confrontation perpetrated by Democrat protesters on attendees to the Donald Trump event at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Friday night.

In a letter to the Mayor, Chairman Keith Downey demanded answers to why City officials did nothing to protect attendees from the violent protest, and he called on Democrat Chairman Ken Martin to apologize for and denounce the violent behavior of Democrat supporters.  

As Co-Chairs of SD49, we ask all Republicans to not retaliate at DFL events or engage in outrageous actions such as those carried out by these protesters.  Our democracy and elections require that all sides are able to gather, speak and be heard, without fear of physical violence.  

Randy Sutter and Wayne Wenger