Trump Sign Vandalized in Bloomington

Sign_Vandalism1.JPGA Trump/Pence sign on Normandale Blvd in west Bloomington was vandalized last Saturday night, October 15.  Bras were hung from the sign before it was torched. Traffic on Normandale Blvd stopped and a police officer arrived to put out the fire.

Earlier, vandals had dumped salt on the hillside nearby, killing the grass in a crude attempt to spell out TRUMP.


In the war of ideas, some people come to the battle capable only of throwing juvenile spitballs.  Their disrespect for personal property and freedom of speech goes beyond deplorable.  Unfortunately, the illegality of their actions does not seem to trouble them. 

Lorri Kreuscher and her husband Brian responded to the vandalizing of their sign and yard by saying, “Stand up for your rights and let's show our resolve as we vote November 8!”

The sign will be replaced.