Sen. Scott Jensen Investigated for COVID-19 Statements

Sen._Scott_Jensen__MD.jpgSen, Scott Jensen (R, Carver County) released a video yesterday (July 5) in which he states that he is under investigation by the MN Board of Medical Practice because of public statements he had made. Two allegations were listed: spreading misinformation regarding the completion of death certificates and providing reckless advice in his willingness to compare COVID-19 with the flu.

Scott Jensen has been a family doctor for 40 years. Five years ago, he was named “Family Doctor of the Year”. Four years ago, he was elected to the MN Senate. He is considered a moderate when it comes to many aspects of politics in St Paul. However, when it came to the state’s reporting on the impacts of the pandemic, he spoke up about the need for full and transparent accounting. His YouTube videos such as this one from March 24 have been very clear and compelling.

He states that his whole intent was to provide some context, by comparing it to the flu. He points out we have had 34,000-40,000 cases of COVID-19 so far this year. In comparison, Minnesotans had more than half a million cases of the flu in 2018.

So why is he under investigation? Dr. Jensen simply states, “A couple of people complained. And I don’t get to know who those people are.” However, listen to his discussion  (from April 29) with Kevin Roche entitled, “Taking the Panic out of Pandemic” and decide for yourself who might want to silence Jensen.

As Dr. Jensen stated July 5 in the video, “If this can happen to me, my view is that this can happen to anybody.” He closed by saying, “We had better all stay engaged.”

Dr. Jensen announced last year that he did not intend to run again for the MN Senate in 2020.