SD49 Convention Elects New Officers, State Central Delegates

For_Newsletter_Exec_Officers_Nomination_edited.jpgCongratulations and thank you to new co-Chairs Russ Burnison and Joel Quinnell, and the others (listed below) who stepped forward to accept leadership roles for SD49.

Edited_Jennifer_Carnahan_addresses_convention.jpgAbout 55 delegates and alternates turned out on Saturday, February 23, for our 2019 convention. While attendance was roughly 43% of  our 2018 endorsing convention, the dedicated 2019 participants supported three hours of local party business. The delegates and seated alternates listened to speeches by party officers and candidates, discussed and approved senate district bylaws, and elected senate district executive officers and State Central delegates and alternates.

We greatly appreciate the 36 volunteers who helped plan, set-up and run the convention. Volunteers contributed in a number of ways, from chairing and recording the convention to greeting and registering attendees, checking the credentials of delegates and alternates, counting votes, updating rules, and maintaining security. Because of their efforts, the convention ran very smoothly.

For_website_edited_Carol_Brumwell_accepts_award_from_Randy_Sutter.jpgOur esteemed Crystal Eagle award went to Carol Brumwell (at left) for her insightful leadership and skillful editing of the Senate District 49 newsletter for more than three years.

Randy Sutter and the Convention on behalf of the Senate District also recognized outstanding volunteer efforts in 2018 by Jim Bixby, David Clynes, Noah Harber (left, below), Bill Holm (next image), and Al Muerhoff (3rd image).


Continue reading for more convention photos and election results.

Congratulations to the new Senate District 49 Executive Officers, elected to serve a term of two years:
• Russ Burnison Co-Chair
• Joel Quinnell Co-Chair
• Louis Tiggas Treasurer
• Caroline Mueller Secretary
• Lew Coffey Communications
• Sean Boylan 49A Vice Chair
• Anna Lima 49A Vice Chair
• Mike McNeeley 49A Vice Chair
• John Metil 49A Vice Chair
• Nick Morgan 49A Vice Chair
• Jim Bowen 49B Vice Chair
• Steve Curry 49B Vice Chair
• Lane Hersey 49B Vice Chair
• Rebecca Maddox 49B Vice Chair
• Julia Tate 49B Vice Chair

Elected as delegates and alternates to State Central Committee meeting for the next two years were:
• Congressional District 3 Delegates
o Russ Burnison
o Joel Quinnell
o Jim Bowen
o Nick Morgan
• Congressional District 5 Delegate
o Nancy Carlson
• Congressional District 3 Alternates
o Randy Sutter (Alt 1)
o Lew Coffey (Alt 1) tie
o Vince Riehm (Alt 1) tie
o Carol Brumwell (Alt 1)
o Barbara Sutter (Alt 2)
o Al Muerhoff (Alt 2)
o Michael Barg (Alt 2)
o Dino Balafas (Alt 2)
o Carol Kerr (Alt 3)
o Lane Hersey (Alt 3) tie
o Mike McNeeley (Alt 3) tie
o John Metil (Alt 3) tie
• Congressional District 5 Alternates
o Doug Seaton (Alt 1)
o Wayne Wenger (Alt 2)
o Lee McGrath (Alt 3)

Some of the Volunteers and Attendees are pictured below: Convention Officials, Registration Team, Credentials Team, Precinct Delegates