Questions For Edina City Council Candidates

Here’s the full text of the questions we sent to the Edina City Council Candidates.

1. Briefly highlight why you feel you would be the best candidate for City Council.

2. City of Edina policies have promoted greater population density in the community, especially in the Southdale area.  This appears to be supportive of the Met Council's plan for greater availability of low-income housing.  Increasing population density is already putting pressure on class sizes and school system resources in Edina.  Do you support promoting greater housing density and greater availability of low-income housing in Edina? Where should it go within the city?  How would you deal with the impacts on Edina schools?

3.  Should Edina’s city government continue to grow at a pace greater than the cost of living?  How would you constrain the growth of the Edina city government? 

4.  Do you or any member of your immediate family work with or for companies doing business with Edina?  If yes, how will you avoid a potential conflict of interest?

5.  Feel free to add any other comments that you feel would be of value in helping us to better understand how you would serve on the City Council.