Qualls Family Marks 4 Generations of Military Service to America

On May 23, Army veteran and 3rd District Congressional candidate Kendall Qualls reflected on his Facebook page the meaning of Memorial Day for him. It is clear that, when it came to serving his country, he and his family willingly go in harm’s way – they do not send in their proxy.

Kathryn_Jacob_Ashley_Qualls.jpgTo commemorate Memorial Day, this picture gives a snapshot U.S. History by displaying 160-years of bravery, virtue, anguish and the rights given all citizens in the Constitution all in one picture.

My daughter, Kathryn (L) is holding the burial flag of Sheila’s grandfather who fought in WWII. My daughter, Ashley (R) is holding the burial flag of my father who fought in Vietnam. What you might miss is the Civil War print in the background.

Memorial Day started as a result of the informal gatherings to mourn the lives lost to restore our great country. When President Lincoln asked the Union states to send troops to Washington D.C. to protect the capital and defend the country, Minnesota was the first to send troops.

The Minnesota 1st Regiment was a unit pivotal in winning the Battle of Gettysburg. However, it came at cost with 80% of the Regiment killed in action. The highest loss of life in U.S. Army history to this very day.

My family and I are descendants of American Black Slaves. We’re grateful for the sacrifices made and honored to serve in uniform when called. God bless us all and God bless America.

The family tradition is being carried on by Jonathan Qualls, who enlisted this year to make his own mark in the US Army. Youngest son Jacob is pictured with his sisters above. This Memorial Day week, we thank the Qualls family for their tradition of service to our country