Qualls Appeals to Better Values, Phillips to Warm & Fuzzies

Qualls_Oct_2020_image.jpgKendall Qualls, Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, has wisely assessed the seriousness of the challenges facing us. He recently released a video that underscores the beliefs and values that were forged in him by life experiences: belief in self-determination, service to country, and the power of faith and family. He speaks convincingly that his values have lifted him through troubling times. He urges us to learn from our past, to lean on the wisdom of our forefathers, and stay true to our values.

Check out this video, in which Kendall Qualls appeals with eloquence and dignity.

Phillips_ad_cartoon_images_Oct_2020.jpgCompare that to Dean Phillips’ latest video, in what can only be described as an appeal of the Teletubbies meet the Cookie Monster. The challenges that are facing us are more profound than Phillips appears ready to acknowledge. As those in his party pessimistically cling to the shutdown of the economy and our schools as the answer to the pandemic, the fear that is being instilled will be harder to overcome. Phillips has yet to realize that it takes real leadership to overcome fear, not soft and fuzzy platitudes.

Our best guess is that Dean is the one on the left and Walz is the fearful one on the right.