Postcard Campaign for Qualls Making A Difference

writing_a_letter_sketch.jpgVolunteers have stepped up and written over 4,500 post cards supporting Kendall Qualls, the GOP endorsed candidate for Congressional District 3.
Never doubt that it is having an impact. This came from one recipient:

“Not sure this will get to Kendall, but I got your postcard in the mail, and while I think Dean Phillips seems like a good guy and intelligent (per the phone town-halls), I'm not sure he addressed many of the concerns that he suggested he heard (for instance, a small business owner raised a concern that the $600 bonus in unemployment benefits was causing him to not be able to afford to rehire employees, because they were making more on unemployment than working. Dean said he can relate as a business owner himself, and that it will be addressed in future discussions.

“At this point it feels like a lie, and I'm a working person. And 100% voting record with Pelosi? Right now that doesn't seem like a very good thing. Clearly he's a hard line Dem 1st, constituents 2nd.

“I voted for Kendall in the primary, and given the craziness that is happening on the left in our country the past couple years, I'll be one independent moderate that will be voting red down the ticket this fall, and Kendall will absolutely get my vote.

“Additionally, because of your postcard (usually I disregard them). it was well thought out and it did make me go to your site, where I watched your video and Kendall seems like a great guy. Good luck, I hope you're District 3's next Congressman. "

The post cards are a good way of gaining name recognition in our current limited face-to-face environment. We can help Kendall if you are willing to spend 6-10 hours to write a short personal message on 60 post cards. Stamped post cards, suggested wording, and pre-printed address labels will be provided to volunteers.  Contact SD49's Jim Bowen [email protected] C: (360) 927-8301 to volunteer.