Political Bias of Local Newspaper Challenged

Sun_Current_Logo.jpgLetter to the Editor: Sun Current Newspaper, February 7

I’m concerned that the Sun Current is now embarking down the path traveled by many larger publications, which have chosen political bias over objectivity and fairness. I’m particularly troubled by the gross inconsistency between your reporting of the recent events at our nation’s Capitol and the violence that transpired this summer in many of our cities, including Minneapolis.

Let me be clear: both were utterly despicable and indefensible, and both overshadowed a legitimate expression of discontent. However, only the latter has been subject to mass condemnation in the Sun Current. While that condemnation was warranted, yours went on in virtually every story and opinion piece of your January 14 edition, and was extremely biased in its analysis. In addition to including quotes from numerous area DFL legislators plus Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips, I found it fascinating that you chose to run an article with the usual rantings of Ilhan Omar. This is the very same woman who ignored your request for candidate profile information last fall. I guess she utilizes the Sun Current on her terms, not yours.

I’m aware that editorials in your paper have advocated for healing and unity, but unfortunately so many of your journalistic brethren are doing their best to stoke division. Please don’t join them.

Michael Barg