Over 50 Attend SD49 December Meeting and Party


It may be unseasonably warm outside, but there was no shortage of holiday cheer at the SD 49 GOP holiday get together this past Tuesday!  Republicans from all around the district gathered to celebrate the holiday season and look back on a busy year while enjoying a large assortment of finger foods generously provided by the SD 49 GOP Executive Committee.  Tasty treats included not only wonderful hot and cold appetizers but also a festive punch and large selection of dessert items.  There was also a silent auction for several gift baskets, with proceeds going directly to the senate district.

In a brief bit of business, the Senate District Full Committee voted to confirm five new precinct leaders. Congratulations to Jay Corniea, co-chair of Eden Prairie precinct 8; Dan Hallberg, co-chair of Bloomington precinct 21, Mark Janda, chair of Bloomington precinct 27; Mark Lapham, co-chair of Bloomington precinct 28; and Dino Balafas, chair of Edina precinct 1A. 

Dario Anselmo spoke for a few minutes to detail his goals for the coming election and beyond. He will be seeking our endorsement as a candidate to represent District 49A in the Minnesota State House of Representatives. 

SD 49 GOP co-chairman Randy Sutter reflected on the accomplishments of the past year.  He is optimistically looking forward to a busy and eventful 2016.  He reiterated a call for volunteers to support a number of election-year initiatives. 

The evening concluded with a touching message written by Bill Holm on behalf of the district that also echoes the feeling of this author.  Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season and best wishes for the New Year!