NW Metro Women Feature Andy Cilek on March 26

The NW Metro Republican Women's group will host a meeting in Plymouth, MN on Saturday.  Andy Cilek, of the Minnesota Voters Alliance, will speak on their impending legal action to the MN Supreme Court demonstrating that Minnesota's election policies governing same-day registration are unconstitutional.  All guests are welcome!

In presidential election years, over 500,000 persons register and vote on election day, and are not verified until AFTER the election and AFTER the votes are counted.

On election-day throughout Minnesota, the Minnesota Secretary of State and county election officials entitle and permit persons to vote who they know do not have the right to vote such as felons, vulnerable persons adjudicated as incompetent, and non-citizens.Andy_Cilek_2016_03.JPG

These continuing wrongful acts exceed the clear limits placed on election officials by Article VII, Section 1 of the Minnesota Constitution, violate Minnesota Statute 201.061, and defy unequivocal court orders (i.e., felons) directing election officials to not provide ballots to those specific individuals.

When the Minnesota Constitution says that felons “shall not be entitled or permitted to vote at any election in the state,” it must mean something. When Minnesota statute 201.061 says that ineligible persons may not register to vote, it must mean something. And when judges throughout the state restrict the right to vote of those convicted of a felonies, that too must mean something.

Andy Cilek will identify the specific wrongful acts of the Secretary and county election officials and show precisely how those acts disregard the constitution, violate statute, and undermine the judiciary.

March 26, 2016 at 9:15am - 10:30am
Plymouth Library, 15700 36th Ave, Plymouth, MN