Meet Marquisha Fulford: Bloomington School Board Candidate

Marquisha_Fulford_School_Board_Candidate.jpgBloomington voters will be electing four school board members from a list of 10 candidates this year. Voters may select up to four of the candidates on their ballots. Here are some highlights of candidate Marquisha Fulford.

Marquisha Fulford is a graduate of Washburn High School in Minneapolis,  She has raised three children with her husband Ronald, with one still in Middle School, and has one grandson. She has over 25 years of administrative experience, 20 of which are as a Medical Administration Secretary.  Marquisha is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She is a community leader with Victory in Praise Ministries, and is the founder of Anointed Women of Empowerment Women’s Ministry.  She is an Advocate-Coordinator for Zoe Childcare Center

Volunteer Experience

  • “Shifting Forward” with the Bloomington Police Department
  • “Unity in the Community” event
  • Inspirational Speaker with several church organizations
  • “Policy Multicultural Advisor Committee” in Richfield
  • “Community First Organization” in Richfield

Why is Marquisha Fulford running?

  • To be an advocate for Bloomington children
  • To ensure safe places for our children
  • To focus on academic achievement
  • To engage with the schools and the community, to seek inputs, and to support the work being done in the classrooms, sports, and beyond.

Marquisha Fulford’s priorities are:

  • Build a strong foundation based on Equality, Educators, Academic Excellence, Family, and Community Support
  • Advocate for All Students, provide them with every resource to ensure their future
  • Encourage our young students of master Reading, Math, Writing, History, and Science
  • Strive for Equality by ensuring that evey learner has the resources, supports, and opportunities to successful, academically and socially
  • Champion the involvement of parents in the academic lives of their children
  • Strongly support educators that uplift and encourage each child in all diversities

You may find more information about her campaign at her website and on her campaign Facebook page