Meet Beth Beebe and Natalie Marose: Bloomington School Board Candidates


Bloomington voters will be electing four school board members from a list of 10 candidates this year. Voters may select up to four of the candidates on their ballots. Here are some highlights of candidates Beth Beebe and Natalie Marose.

Beth_Beebe_for_School_Board_closeup.jpgBeth Beebe is currently serving on the Bloomington School Board and is running for her second term. She has 15 years of teaching experience in various national and international settings. Beth has lived in Bloomington for 21 years, and her sons both attended Bloomington schools. She has been treasurer of the School Board and liaison to the MN School Board Association. She has enjoyed volunteering at Schools and District Events.

Natalie_Marose_for_School_Board_closeup.jpgNatalie Marose is a teacher and school administrator, a career that she has pursued for over 34 years. She has lived in Bloomington for 32 years, and is the mother of two Kennedy High School graduates. Natalie has a Master’s Degree in Education and has instructed at the college level. She has been an Early Childhood Family Education Teacher, a Student Teacher Supervisor, and a girls’ basketball coach. Outside of school, she has served as a Bloomington Family Child Care Provider and an American Red Cross instructor.

Why is Beth Beebe running?

• To work with District Leadership on procedures for selecting Secondary Sources of Curriculum (software and online curriculum) with community input.
• To create more opportunity for Community Engagement as a District.
• To protect funding for learning supports that help close the achievement gap and keep funds in the classroom.
• To continue to look for and remove barriers so that students are able to receive what they need to succeed to their potential.
• To continue to actively advocate for our families and schools at the Legislative level.

Beth Beebe’s priorities are:

• Improving the Math and Reading scores of Bloomington students to ready them for High Tech jobs
• Supporting the efforts of the Bloomington Career and College Academy to address the needs of students that are attracted to careers in skilled trade work.
• Providing the best education and environment to compete with other public schools, to attract students and the funding that is allocated based on their numbers.

You may find more information about her campaign at her website,  

Why is Natalie Marose running?

"I am for seeing each student as an individual not as their skin color.
“I am for meeting each student where they are for who they are.
“I am for providing each student what they need to reach their personal potential.
“I am anti-racial segregation and anti-racially stereotyping.
“I am anti-punishing and anti-pitying students for the actions of their ancestors.
“I am anti-discrimination of ANY student based on race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, family, sexual orientation, political interest, or socioeconomic status.”

Natalie Marose’ priorities are:

• Advocate for all students
• Focus on academic excellence
• Be a strong voice for parents
• Support our educators

You may find more information about her campaign at her website , and on her campaign Facebook page