Max Rymer Speaks at SD49 Convention

Max_and_Elsie_Rymer_at_SD49_Convention.jpgHouse 49B – Maxwell (Max) Rymer


Max started by saying, “This is a dream come true for my wife and me. “  He and his wife, Elsie, both went to the University of Northwestern – Saint Paul. He was recently elected to serve as a precinct chair for Edina 13.  When he interned as a Legislative Aide for Pam Myhra, District 40A, at the Capital he saw the waste and dysfunction of government.  He believes government’s role is to create a more prosperous District 49 B and that businesses need relief from the tax bite.

Max will work to ensure that parents get legitimate choice in schools.  He believes in expanding educational funding in technology and digital learning.  Of the recently announced 1.2 B budget surplus, he asked how many had their property taxes reduced or received a refund.  He believes that the surplus should be returned to taxpayers not be spent for Dayton’s pet projects.  Max said he’ll need the participants’ support and time.  He said people care about the business exodus from Minnesota.  People care that the schools are in shambles. 

Elsie_smiles_as_Max_Rymer_speaks_at_convention.jpgHe committed himself to work hard to preserve those things that make us great.  Max thanked the participants again for their support and asked God to bless their families.    

His endorsement was approved by unanimous acclamation.