Mark Stoltz for Bloomington City Council At Large, Write In

Mark_Stoltz.jpgFor those who have followed the Bloomington City Council races, it is clear that the two candidates vying for the At Large seat are supported by different wings of the DFL party. 

If you want an alternative, an option does exist.  On the ballot, fill in the oval for the write-in candidate and write in the name “Mark Stoltz”.

Who is Mark Stoltz?  

Mark is a 25 year resident of Bloomington. He has owned his home in the Hyland Neighborhood for the past 21 years.  Mark's career has focused on Healthcare Information Technology and Medical Imaging software for the past 20 years.

Mark and his wife have raised two kids.  They have made use of all of Bloomington's services and amenities including sending their kids to Bloomington Public Schools...preschool through Jefferson High School.  Mark's family has been involved with figure skating at the Bloomington Ice Garden, Scouting, Swimming, and Jefferson High School Marching Band.

Back in 2003, Mark ran for city council.  Mark declared his candidacy when it became clear that the incumbent would otherwise run unopposed. Mark believes a healthy democracy involves participating in the election process by offering voters a choice between candidates.  While Mark did not win, he got to know the community and issues that Bloomington was facing then. He has followed the current campaign and wants to give voters for the At Large seat a more conservative alternative.


Mark will focus the city on essential services and not spend the taxpayers’ hard earned dollars on studies like a “Dan Patch” commuter rail line through Bloomington and Edina.  He has attended the Edina community meetings to hear the results of the  $30,000 study recently commissioned by Edina to look at turning the line into commuter rail.  Like the majority of the Edina residents who attended, Mark reached the same conclusion he held over 16 years ago – the rail line should not be converted.

Mark's passion is automobiles and transportation.  Mark will ensure that Bloomington motorists have an efficient transportation system with logical traffic light timings, ensuring roadways are not subject to traffic calming measures where they would create artificial bottlenecks and ensure the bicyclists and motorists have safe means to get around town.  Mark is an avid cyclist and has tried bike commuting but realizes for most residents, travel by car is the most efficient and practical means of transportation.  Mark will ensure that changes to our transportation grid don't create unintended consequences.

Mark wants Bloomington to continue to be the destination of it a residents’ choice to make Bloomington their home, a business’ choice to setup shop in Bloomington and create job opportunities for our citizens, or a tourist’s choice to stay in one of Bloomington's many hotels and make use of our local landmarks like the Mall of America and our park system.

For the pressing issues this campaign cycle...Mark is in favor of preserving the Hyland Greens’ driving range as a green space.  Mark does not recommend adding a paved bike trail on the Minnesota River bottoms.  Mark owns a mountain bike and believes the trails should be left as is...and as a destination for those mountain bike enthusiasts who enjoy the trails.

Knowing where Mark Stoltz stands on these issues, we approached him in the final weeks of this election cycle.  We asked him if he would accept our recommendation as a write-in candidate for the At Large seat on the Bloomington City Council.  He agreed to serve if he prevails.

We recognize that this is not a traditional campaign.  There are no “Mark Stoltz” signs.  No “Mark Stoltz” flyers have been put in your door.  However, he is a serious candidate for the At Large seat.

We need an alternative to the two candidates currently running for the At Large seat.  Mark Stoltz is that alternative.   If you agree, write Mark Stoltz in for the Bloomington City Council At Large position on November 7.