Is Voter Fraud Virtually Nonexistent, or Just Not Prosecuted?

An article by Ricardo Lopez, published in the Star Tribune on September 28, on the MN Supreme Court decision to dismiss the MVA suit, (requiring that it first be heard in a District Court), included this note:

“Recent court decisions have rejected stricter voter regulations approved in Kansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin, finding in virtually all cases that voter fraud is nonexistent and that the tougher regulations disenfranchised minority voters.” 

Ironically, Fox & Friends reported the next day, on September 29  that Arcan Cetan, the man who went on a shooting rampage, killing 5, at a Washington state mall north of Seattle, wasn't even a U.S. citizen but he still voted three times! 

Cetan was a permanent U.S. resident but had never applied for citizenship.  Nonetheless, he registered to vote and participated in three voting cycles.  Like Minnesota, the state of Washington operates on the honor system.  Cetan did not have to provide proof of citizenship when he registered to vote

The Heritage Foundation tracks proven cases of voter fraud, and two recent articles provided some background on why so few clearly suspect situations lead to prosecutions.

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