Local Party Leaders Need to be Ready for Redistricting

Anderson_Redistricting_Plan.jpgOur successful precinct caucuses were the last we'll have with current district boundaries.

Minnesota will reset its legislative district boundaries in 2022 to take into account population shifts identified in the 2020 census. The intent is to more equally align the number of voters in each MN House district, so each legislator represents roughly the same number of citizens. Our January article described the legislative and court processes that will establish the new boundaries.

The impact of redistricting (also known as "reapportionment") for most of us may be minimal. Delegates to conventions elected at this year’s caucuses will continue to be delegates after redistricting. However, if a precinct is moved or redefined to a new MN House and/or Senate District (BPOU), their delegates will now be delegates of that new BPOU.

In addition, the leaders of the current BPOUs will need to document the available funding and the value of non-financial assets. Even small changes in BPOU boundaries may involve the transfer of assets proportional to the transfer of delegates.

Chairs and executive committee leaders of BPOUs need to be prepared that boundary changes could be more significant. In cases where two or more portions of different BPOUs are combined into new BPOUs, several actions will need to be taken. These actions include:
• Convening of an Arrangement Committee
• Drafting of new BPOU bylaws
• Negotiating the transfer of assets from the old BPOUs
• Planning the convention for the new BPOU
• Identifying BPOU officer candidates
• Confirming legislative candidates within the new boundaries

MN GOP Chair Hann will be appointing Convention Arrangement Committee conveners for the new BPOUs shortly after the final district maps are approved and released. Members of the Convention Arrangement Committees will be named from key officers from the previous BPOUs.

If you are asked to be a member of the Arrangement Committee for your new BPOU, please familiarize yourself with the 2021/2022 Reapportionment Manual that can be found at the Action Center tab on the MN GOP website.  

Pay particular attention to Chapter I, Section 3 – Senate District Organizing Conventions and to Chapter II - Finances.   You will need to work efficiently to be ready for BPOU conventions that must be held by March 30. 

If you need help resolving any issues in the redistricting process, please contact MN GOP Headquarters by calling (651) 222-0022.

Reapportionment Training will be available on the following dates/times
• Tuesday 2/8: 3:30PM
• Monday 2/14: 7:30PM
• Tuesday 2/15: 7:30PM
• Wednesday 2/16: 7:30PM

If you have any questions on this training or wish to participate, please call the SD49GOP office number (952-856-3028) for more information.