Eyes on Hennepin County: 2021 Budget Tops $2 Billion

Editor note:  A Hennepin County group with a mission to communicate important County information sent out the following this past week:

Hennepin_County_Commissioner_Districts.jpgIf you live in Hennepin County and pay property taxes to the County, this message is for you.

Do you know that the 2021 budget for Hennepin County is $2.2 billion? Yes, the word is billion! According to a listing of their Revenue Sources, 39.7% of those billions comes from the property taxes which you and I pay.

Like many Hennepin County residents, do you feel that you are overtaxed? Too few of us are paying attention to how the County spends our tax dollars.

Hennepin County is divided into 7 Districts with one County Commissioner serving each District. These 7 Commissioners make the decisions on how your tax dollars are spent.

Do you know which District you live in and who your Commissioner is? You may want to introduce yourself, especially since you are an important funding partner! Click this link[Find your commissioner | Hennepin County] to see the detailed map and the 7 Commissioners who are currently serving

Do you know that Commissioners are elected? If you voted in the November election in 2020 and you lived in District 1, 5, 6, or 7, you had the opportunity to vote for one of two candidates listed on the ballot in your District.

The Hennepin County Commissioners meet on Tuesday afternoons at 1:30pm. They are currently meeting virtually, and the public is welcome to attend to learn about issues that are being discussed and where money is being spent. Click here for more information

We plan to send out information on a regular basis to let the residents of Hennepin County know more about how the County operates and how your tax $ are being spent.