Edina Hit with More Car Thefts and Break-ins

Car_theft_break_in.jpgSince April, Edina has seen a significant increase in burglaries, thefts from vehicles and thefts of vehicles throughout the city, especially in the northeast quadrant.  The Edina Police Department reports that the majority of the crimes seem to be crimes of opportunity, meaning doors were left unlocked.

The Edina Crime Prevention Fund has increased its reward to $3,000 for information leading to the arrest and charging of the person or persons responsible for recent burglaries, thefts from vehicles and vehicle thefts in the northeast area of Edina.

If you have information regarding these incidents or suspects, contact the Edina Police Department at 952-826-1600, any time of day. Your identity may remain confidential. The Edina Crime Prevention Fund is the sole judge of any point of contention regarding the reward, and any decision on any issue connected with the reward is final.

“Residents should remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to 911 immediately,” said Sgt. Nate Mendel. “We’ve increased patrol in the area, but residents are the eyes and ears of our city. The more they can share with us, the better.”

To protect yourself and valuables, follow these safety tips:

  • Lock your car doors and do not leave the keys in the vehicle.
  • Do not leave valuables unsecured or visible through a window. 
  • Do not leave doors or windows to your home unsecured or unattended.
  • Update your doors and locks with deadbolt locks, and use them when you’re home and away.
  • Keep outside lights on at night. Keep shrubs near windows and doors trimmed. 
  • Record all makes, models, and serial numbers of electronics in your residence. Take photos of these items and other valuables, including jewelry items. 
  • If leaving town, notify your neighbors so they can watch over your home. Ensure they know how to contact you.

For more information, call the Edina Police Department at 952-826-1610.