DFL Omnibus State Government Bill Loosens Election Safeguards

MN_House_Committee_Meeting.jpgThe DFL leadership in the House has introduced their Omnibus State Government bill. This bill ignores the need to increase integrity in our elections and makes it even easier to vote without an I.D. in Minnesota. This bill also:

  • Allows felons to vote.
  • Allows individuals to assist an unlimited number of people inside the voting booth.
  • Gives the Minnesota Secretary of State the ability to spend money with NO legislative oversight.
  • Expands vote-by-mail.
  • Has state government automatically register people to vote.

This legislation is a Democrat wish-list of election law changes. Rather than making the election process more secure, it increases the opportunity for voter fraud in Minnesota.

Representative Drazkowski (R, Mazeppa) authored amendments to add security and integrity to the election process. They require voter I.D. and provisional ballots in Minnesota elections.