Deadline for Platform Resolutions was March 31

Platform resolutions are an important part of the proceedings of our Senate District 49 convention.  Several resolutions were submitted, considered and approved during the March 1 caucuses.  These have been carefully transcribed and, where appropriate, consolidated with similar resolutions for further consideration by the delegates at the upcoming convention. 

The rules of past conventions have permitted additional resolutions to be submitted as late as 30 minutes after the convention has convened.  These last-minute additions have added to the difficulty of treating resolutions in an orderly, well-organized way.  This year, we are implementing a change to the process of accepting Republican platform resolutions.  Our objective is to avoid handling the resolutions at the end of the convention agenda, rushing their consideration and risking adjournment without debating or voting on some or all of them.

For the upcoming convention, the deadline to submit platform resolutions beyond those approved at the March 1 caucuses  to Senate District 49 was March 31, in the manner prescribed below.  Resolutions that were received by March 31 have been organized by the Resolutions Committee into a written document and are being distributed to all delegates and alternates prior to the convention for their review, along with a copy of the current party platform.



April 9, 2016 BPOU Convention


·  Resolutions that are passed at the Precinct Caucus will be forwarded to the 2016 BPOU Convention

·  The BPOU Convention votes on these Resolutions, requiring a simple majority to pass.

·  Resolutions that are passed at the BPOU Convention are then to be forwarded to the 2016 Congressional District Convention where they are voted on; a simple majority is required to pass.

·  Resolutions that are passed at the Congressional District Convention will then be forwarded to the 2016 State Convention where they are voted on; where once again a simple majority is required to pass.

·  Resolutions that are passed at the 2016 State Convention are incorporated into the Standing Platform of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

The Standing Platform of the Republican Party of Minnesota has 11 PLANKS.  Before writing your proposed Resolution, indicate to which PLANK your Resolution pertains (review the accompanying Standing Platform for current wording of the standing planks).  If you feel your resolution does not fit in a specific plank, check the “OTHER” option.

*********RESOLUTION FORM*********

____ Promote Economic Prosperity                             ____ Restore and Defend Civil Rights

____ Protect Our Health Care                                        ____ Educate Our Children

____Strengthen Our Families and Communities       ____Protect Public Safety

____ Strengthen the Rule of Law                                  ____ Enjoy and Protect Our Natural Resources

____ Make Government Smaller and Better              ____ Defend America at Home and Abroad

____ Commendatory                                                       ____ Other


I move that this convention support the following change to the above plank (1 of the 11 must be checked):







(use more lines if required) 

Submitted by: ______________________________             Phone(s): _________________________

BPOU:             Senate District 49                                                 Precinct:  _________________________

Email to:  [email protected]