Convention Set for Saturday

Final preparation is underway for our Senate District 49 bi-annual endorsing convention.  Every two years, Republican delegates and alternates that were elected in Senate District 49’s caucuses come together to endorse candidates, elect delegates and alternates for Congressional District and State conventions, and debate resolutions to the Minnesota Republican Party Platform.   This year, we meet at Olson Middle School in Bloomington on Saturday, April 9.

The Resolution Committee has consolidated and formatted the submitted resolutions.  The Convention Rules Committee has updated the rules for running the convention.  The Candidate Search Committee is wrapping up its interviews with potential candidates.  Registration, Credentials, and Convention Planning teams have met to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

If you are were elected a precinct delegate or alternate in Senate District 49 and you haven’t registered yet, please go out to the SD49GOP website.  To register, please CLICK HERE.

 - Volunteers Needed This Week

There is still work required to assemble the delegate packets and the name tags on Thursday evening, April 7,  and to set up the auditorium on Friday evening, April 8.  If you can lend a hand, your help would be appreciated.  Please contact Randy Sutter at 952-835-8917 to get the times and places we’re working.