Congratulations to Jennifer Carnahan as New MN GOP Chair

Jennifer_Carnahan.jpgJennifer Carnahan surged through four ballots to capture a majority of the voting members of the MN GOP State Central meeting, held on Saturday, April 29.  As reported by Alpha News MN, Carnahan became the second female and the first minority to be elected chair of a major political party in Minnesota. 

The delegates were clearly touched by Carnahan’s background story of being abandoned as a baby on the rear steps of a Korean hospital.  She gave great credit to her parents, who adopted her and brought her to Minnesota.  Carnahan pointed out that she is an example of what can be achieved in America.  “If I could dream it, I could live it.”  She stated that she is proud to be an American Citizen and proud to be a lifelong Republican.

Starting early in her campaign, Carnahan pushed her detailed plan  for strengthening the MN Republican Party and winning 2018 state-wide races.  Her priorities and goals have five key elements:

  • Expand Fundraising Base

    • Grow fundraising revenues to $5M

  • Grow Republican Gains in 2018

    • Elect a Republican Governor

    • Hold current Congressional seats and pick up 1-2 additional seats

    • Win a minimum of one (1) Constitutional office

    • Maintain control of the House and Senate

  • Continue Building the GOP Enterprise

    • Continue to work across the state and within the party to ensure alignment and partnership in strategies and tactics

  • Enhance and Strengthen the Brand

    • Reshape the public perception about what the Republican brand is

    • Message to emphasize our conservative values

  • Ensure Strong Operational Structure

    • Streamline structure to develop “smarter” programs and reduce expenses by 5%

Carnahan brings to her new role over 18 years of general management and marketing leadership with several privately- and publically-held companies.  She stressed her experience in strategic planning, profit-and-loss management, innovative leadership, team building, talent development, brand management, and data analysis & forecasting.  She has worked for such enterprises as McDonalds Corporation, General Mills, Ecolab, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Los Angeles Angels.

Chair Jennifer Carnahan, Deputy Chair David Pascoe, and Secretary Barbara Sutter met together in the MN GOP offices on May 1.  The key financial managers agreed to stay on to help ensure a smooth transition.  The new officers face both significant challenges and great opportunities.  They would welcome our support and contributions.  We wish them success in their endeavors to build our party and to take us to victory in 2018.