Candidates for Local Races, August 8 Primary

Bloomington_City_Hall.jpgCandidates running for office in the cities of Bloomington and Minnetonka have filed and an August 8 primary will be held in Bloomington.  (Edina and Eden Prairie will not hold mayor or city council elections this year.)  SD49 volunteers will be needed to help with campaigns. 

Bloomington voters will elect four city council members this year:  Districts 2, 3, 4, and At-Large.  Minnetonka voters will  elect a mayor and two At-Large city council members.

Bloomington candidates:

  • At-Large     Kim Vlaisavlevich (appointed), Nathan Coulter, Michael Arulfo, and Susan “Hofmeister” Woodruff
  • District 2 (southwest Bloomington)  Eldon Spencer (appointed), Cheryl Lewis, Shawn Nelson, and Lenny Klevan Schmitz
  • District 3 (northwest Bloomington)  Jack Baloga (incumbent) and Larry Frost
  • District 4 (northeast Bloomington)   Patrick Martin and Jon Oleson (incumbent)

Minnetonka candidates:

  • Mayor         Brad Wiersum and Ashwin Patel
  • Council Member At Large Seat A              Deb Calvert and Brian Kirk
  • Council Member At Large Seat B              Patty Acomb (incumbent) and Derrick Banks

A Primary Election will be held on August 8 for the At-Large and District 2 seats, as three or more candidates filed for those offices.  Two candidates for each seat will go forward to the general election in November.

Senate District 49 precincts will be eligible to vote in these city council races are:

  • Bloomington At Large           All Bloomington precincts
  • Bloomington District 2           Blmgtn precincts 16, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27
  • Bloomington District 3           Blmgtn precincts 17, 18, 19, 22, 28
  • Bloomington District 4           No SD49 precincts are in this district
  • Minnetonka Mayor                Minnetonka precincts 01B and 01C
  • Minnetonka At Large A&B    Minnetonka precincts 01B and 01C                 

The Senate District Candidate Search committee will be open to talk with candidates that seek our support.  If you are willing to volunteer and to help with these campaigns, please contact Randy Sutter (952-835-8917) or Mike Lehmann (612-839-0761).

School board candidate filings will be open August 1 to August 15.