Calling for Volunteers to Elect Republican Candidates

Precinct_Leaders_June_2018.jpgPrecinct leaders within Senate District 49 have turned out to make a difference in this year’s Republican campaigns.  If you are willing to volunteer in this very important election year, you will be a part of a great team effort.

We are starting right away.  In Edina, we want to help Dario Anselmo’s campaign by distributing literature Saturday, June 23.  Please meet at 10am at Fox Meadow Park, 5251 Blake Road South, Edina.  Fox Meadow Park is just off Blake Road (north of Vernon Ave) on Fox Meadow Lane. To RSVP or if you have any questions, please email [email protected].

In Bloomington, we are knocking on doors within our own neighborhoods to identify likely Republican voters.  We have a smart phone app available to all of our volunteer canvassers that will make the process much more efficient.

Why is this effort so important this year?  Republican candidates in the metropolitan districts are clearly being targeted by DFL partisans.  The strong turn-out in 2016 of voters supporting conservative values and free-market principles has gotten proponents of “progressive” ideas concerned.   They want to counter this Republican tide with their own “blue wave”.  We need to show that the passion that drove us to vote in 2016 is still running strong.

We have seen a number of examples of the benefits of our values and our principles just in the relatively short time since the 2016 elections brought a Republican president and Republican majorities to both the US Congress and the Minnesota legislature. Stronger economic growth, lower taxes, reduced regulations, surging business and consumer confidence, and historically-low unemployment are being reported at the national level. Reforms of the local individual insurance market have stabilized health insurance rates in Minnesota. However, efforts to slow the growth of the federal and state government, to tackle fraud and abuse of state subsidies, and to promote work opportunities for the long-term unemployed have been met with opposition and even outrage from DFL- aligned activists.

Particularly this year, we cannot sit by and expect our candidates alone to speak for our values and our principles. We must stand with our candidates and show our support within our neighborhoods.

Our Executive Committee members and Precinct Leaders have met to discuss what will be required in the days ahead. On June 7 and 8, Aaron Waaraniemi, the Republican National Committee Field Director for Congressional District 3, and Avi Steele, Congressman Erik Paulsen’s campaign field coordinator, made it clear that a large number of volunteers will be needed.

Please step forward to volunteer if you believe in what our Republican candidates represent. Whatever your age, physical ability, or time availability, you will be of value. We need volunteers to
• help target voters
• stuff literature bags
• drop literature bags
• march in parades
• write letters to the editor of local papers
• install lawn signs
• hold candidate meet & greets
• get out the vote for the August 14 primary (early voting opens June 29) and the November 6 general election

Make the decision to volunteer now. Don’t look back five months from now and regret failing to do all that you could. CLICK HERE  and comment to let us know you are ready to do your part.