Bloomington Council to Vote Dec 17 on Waterpark

MOA_Water_Park_(2).jpgAs reported by Eric Roper in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, no one testified at a November meeting where the Bloomington City Council voted to approve tax increases associated with development of a waterpark near Mall of America.

The next (and final) Council vote on the project's unusual financing is scheduled for December 17.

"The deal hinges on the city’s option to hike sales taxes at the Mall of America to pay debt on the $260 million facility, if visitors who pay to raft down 10-foot-wide slides and lounge in cabanas don’t generate enough revenue. The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday, November 12, to authorize imposing the taxes — 11 years after the Legislature granted them that power — under specific circumstances that will be agreed to next month.

A series of votes scheduled for Dec. 17 will finalize an unusual financing plan with little precedent in Minnesota."

The full article outlines what makes this such an unusual plan.  We've also provided our views in previous newsletters and articles on our website.  (June 2019 - August 2019 )

Call or write your council member before December 17. Here is the link to their contact information.