Back to Basics - Core Values: Why Vote Republican

question_problem-solution.jpgWhy Vote Republican?

In the months leading up to the election, that search-inquiry was a frequent reason people came to our SD49 Republicans website.

After our losses in 2020, the ever-widening gulf between our two major parties compels us to look again at the most basic ideas that have defined us and driven American history for the last 244 years. As we do, we begin to see that the historic American debate is as alive and well as it was when the Revolutionary Founders were debating it. At the core: Given historical experience, how do we organize government to protect the ordered liberty that so many have offered up their “lives, fortunes and sacred honors” to obtain and defend?

At the end of the day, our elections are about BASIC IDEAS. And this leads us to why every informed and thinking American should vote Republican:

  • Republicans believe that government is a necessary evil, and should always be the solution of last resort to any problem. Democrats believe that government is a benign service bureau of “enlightened” public servants, perfectly suited to micro-managing every problem imaginable, and therefore the solution of first choice.

  • Republicans believe that power, the ability to arbitrarily bend others to our will, is the single most corrupting influence in all of human experience. Democrats believe that power rightfully belongs in the hands of  properly “enlightened” elites who will consequently act with unfailing integrity in the interest of the “greater good”.

  • And finally, Republicans believe that every human being, by virtue of their humanity, has the unalienable right to be considered as an individual and not as a member of a race or religion or gender or any other stereotyped class. An individual is fully entitled to the fruits of their productive efforts, fully responsible for their choices, and fully endowed with the complete array of dazzling possibilities inherent in every single human life. Democrats, on the other hand, will always consider us in stereotypical groups of races, genders, faiths, income levels and every other imaginable or statistically definable classification.

How these differences show up can be easily seen by looking at 3 factors: PERSONALITIES vs POLICIES, SAVING OUR CONSTITUTION, and INDEPENDENCE.



First of all,  PERSONALITIES vs POLICIES.  For the last 150 years, ever since mass media went national, we’ve been seduced by a parade of congenial media-friendly personalities with carefully coifed images into “voting for the person” and ignoring the policies that they advocate. America has an abundance of experience with lovely personalities bearing catastrophic policies.  Many who run as Democrats, including Kamala Harris and “the Squad”,  sincerely believe in Socialism and Republicans sincerely believe in free market capitalism. Any American voter should focus on exactly that choice.   After all, the entire world has an abundance of terrible experiences with Socialism.  A caring, kind person would not choose Socialism and similarly proven bad POLICIES for their family and neighbors.

constitution-1486010_640.jpgSecondly,  SAVING OUR CONSTITUTION. As we watch, Democrats are openly discussing a thuggish bludgeoning of the United States Supreme Court, by filing endless lawsuits, into completely nullifying the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, effectively stripping the federal Government of any limits to its power.  A similar strategy 90 years ago (in 1937, FDR submitted his court packing scheme to Congress) sent a message to the Court that some feel intimidated them into allowing the Federal Government to use the “General Welfare” clause of the preamble to gut the limits placed on it by the Bill of Rights.  And now Democrats are advocating that the government use that unlimited federal power to micromanage every function of our lives. A caring, kind person chooses CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITS ON GOVERNMENT for themselves, their family and neighbors.

Thirdly, INDEPENDENCE. The single most important effect of a surge in jobs such as the USA experienced the past 3 years (pre-Covid-19) is a surge in independence. A job brings self-respect, a sense of earned welfare, a vibrant support for families and communities and faith in a future of a good life that no other factor can equal.  The tax reform bill that was put into law in 2017 did something that hasn’t been done in a very long time, and we need to think about it in a very different way. It slashed corporate income tax rates.  In other words, it slashed taxes on producers and job creators, and as anyone with even a primitive understanding of basic economics would expect, the ensuing result was a powerful surge in job creation. But Democrats can only whine and lament that the tax reform just benefited the rich and their powerful corporations, completely ignoring what those rich and powerful corporations do with their money: create jobs. A caring, kind person chooses INDEPENDENCE for themselves, their family and neighbors.

Think about it. And contrast Republican vs Democrat ideas to the young whenever opportunities arise; these differences in core values are not highlighted in schools.

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